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Bi-annual Conference 2011

Saturday, 12th November

The Implications of the Proposed NHS Reforms on Health and Social Care.



The President, Executive Committee and members welcome you to our Web site. We hope you will find the information user friendly and of value. Comments on how we can improve this site will be welcomed.

What Is NAJ?

The Nurses Association of Jamaica (NAJ) (UK) is a national non profit making charitable Association formed in 1978.The Association has two established branches situated in Birmingham, London

Object Of NAJ (UK)

The object of the Association is: 'To promote the study and practice of nursing, Midwifery and health visiting, through education, improved standards and carrying out research or the public benefit.'

Founder Members Of NAJ:

Charitable Activities

Some of our charitable activities are:

Charitable Giving/Projects Supported

We are proud to announce that NAJ has made the following donations to assist with health and healthcare in the UK and in our homeland and beyond.

Current Projects:

As you can see we could not achieve this without you


What is CBEN?


NAJ is one the patrons of the Mary Seacole Memorial Association. for details contact the secretary Charmaine Case on Tel: 0208 251 7820.

NAJ has representation on the Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeals committee.

Mary Seacole Memorial Statue Appeal Web link

NAJ IS a Member of the Jamaican Diaspora UK

the Jamaican Diaspora (UK) web link